Contemporary Endodontics RESIDENTIAL

Contemporary Endodontics


Course Duration: 2 days

CPD Hours: 14

Dominic Hassall Training Institute

Dominic Hassall

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This highly practical course is designed for dentists who would like to further their endodontic skills to provide high quality endodontics in their practices.

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Small group approach for questions and answers. Plenty of hands on.

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Complete Course Overview

  • Principles contemporary endodontics
  • Endodontic treatment planning
  • Introduction to magnification
  • Access cavity design
  • Ultrasonics in access cavity preparation
  • Contemporary canal shaping systems
  • Current obturation techniques and materials
  • Re-treatment techniques/complications
  • Post/instrument removal techniques
  • Restoring root filled teeth

Practical exercises include:

  • Magnification
  • Obturation techniques
  • Location of the root canal system
  • Post removal
  • Canal preparation techniques
  • Removal of root filling materials
  • Rotary and reciprocating systems/fractured instruments