COVID-19 Safety Measures for Our Postgraduate Dentistry Courses

As a working dental practice and a Training Centre for Postgraduate Dentistry, we have always maintained meticulously high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. While the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent government lockdown has had a disruptive impact on our lives in the UK, we are still confident in running our courses to their consistently high quality. Furthermore we are abiding by government guidelines and monitoring for any change in regulations while also maintaining the health and safety of our delegates and staff.


Social Distancing for our Residential Courses

We have introduced the following changes to ensure the safety of yourself and those around while attending courses at the Dominic Hassall Training Institute:

  • We have put the following social distancing measures in place:
    • We have reduced course numbers to a maximum of 9 and placed additional protective screens in the clinical skills room to ensure 2M social distancing
    • The post graduate training room on the first floor has been re-arranged to ensure 2M social distancing with seating
  • We will be installing an air purifier and will ensure all external doors and windows are open to encourage air flow
  • PPE provided – mask, gloves, aprons
  • Delegates to use a dedicated toilet with hand washing facilities
  • We will now provide you with a personal packed lunch rather than the typical buffet

One major advantage of being a delegate of DHTI is that in addition to our residential courses, you have access to a wealth of online material including teaching videos of online lectures, training videos for practical demonstrations, supporting literature to read and I would encourage you to use the online forum to post clinical questions that you may have for me.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at