Implant Dentistry Course ONLINE

This section is the online part of the blended PG Cert course in Implant Dentistry.

Course Duration: 5 days online, plus reading

CPD Hours: 35

Venue: Online

Lecturer: Dominic Hassall and Robert Adams

Course Booking

A deposit of £400 + VAT is required to reserve a place

The remainder can be paid in 4 easy-to-manage monthly payments.
The hands on course is purchased separately, details can be found here.

The Postgraduate Implant Dentistry Course, online, is the equivalent of five days, and will provide thirty-five hours of verifiable ECPD with successful submission of the MCQs taken after each module. The residential Hands on Implantology Course is also five days and will give you an additional thirty-five hours making seventy hours in total.

The online section can be taken independently of the full course. However, you must complete both online and hands-on sections to be granted a PG Certificate.

Implant Dentistry Training

This course is designed for all dentists who wish to continue their education becoming involved in implants, or those already involved who wish to improve their dental implant education. It will cover diagnostic, planning, surgical and prosthodontic phases equipping you with the knowledge to restore simple cases and/or undertake routine placements.

Our implant dentistry training will incorporate the latest evidence base. During the five days hands on there will be numerous practical sessions and live demonstrations, with access to our five teaching surgeries and CBCT scanner. Post course mentoring and supervision is also provided satisfying GDC guidelines.

Dental Implant Educators

Who are the Lecturers and Mentors?

The implant dentistry course is delivered by Dominic Hassall, Restorative, Prosthodontic, Periodontal, Endodontic Specialist & Implantologist; and Robert Adams, Oral Surgery Specialist & Implantologist. They have decades of practical implant experience and have lectured and published nationally and internationally. They also are both in active clinical surgery.

You will be confident knowing that you are being supported by two of the UK’s leading and most experienced implantologists, with current, up-to-date knowledge.

You will also have access to the Straumann National Mentoring Programme.

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All fees include course materials, supporting literature and access to online materials. Video lectures will be yours to keep.

The five-day hands-on part of the Dental Implant Course is held at the DHTI Learning Centre in Solihull, UK. You can see our dental school dates by clicking ‘Select course date‘.

The implantology training is designed to introduce systems and techniques, which will allow you to create a more predictable, enjoyable and profitable implant dentistry.

Implant Systems

It is important that you make your own choices as to which system you prefer to use. You will be guided for quality, and shown specific clinical and surgical differences between systems. We create multi-system implant courses without any commercial bias or pressure from any one manufacturer.

Our aim is to empower dentists by providing them with quality assured, accredited all-round education, academically and clinically.

Course Breakdown

Online Section

The video lectures are organised into modules to make online learning possible, each module gives you the relevant CPD hours.

Hands On Section 16th-20th September

The hands-on practical 5-day section gives you the opportunity to practice the skills you have learned and complete the Certificate course.

In an ideal world, all dental graduates should have the possibility and privilege to attend these kind of lectures.

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Complete Course Overview

Implant Assessment Module

  • Implant treatment planning, save or extract, teeth or implants & implant survival/success
  • Alternative treatments to implant reconstruction

Implant Planning Module

  • The periodontal implant interface, risk assessment, diagnosis & treatment
  • Risk based aesthetic implant assessment
  • Implant aesthetic & bone quality classification
  • Role CBCT in 3D implant planning & general applications
  • Biologic & aesthetic based implant selection for long term functional & aesthetic stability
  • Essentials of dental photography in implantology

Implant Occlusion Module

  • Clinical aspects ideal occlusion and examination of the occlusion
  • Occlusal aspects of implant dentistry
  • Clinical applications articulators & the earbow record in implant dentistry
  • Occlusal issues in implant dentistry
  • Practical occlusion videos

Implant Restorative Module

  • Restorative & aesthetic aspects of anterior implant restorations
  • Abutment & crown selection for single implants in the aesthetic zone
  • Implant assisted dentures

Implant Surgical Module

  • Surgical anatomy in relation to implants
  • Principles of implant surgery
  • Surgical implant planning
  • Medical and systemic considerations in implants
  • Osseointegration & implant surfaces
  • Alveolar ridge preservation

Advanced Implant Restorative Module

  • Restorative strategies for the multidisciplinary complex case
  • The orthodontic implant interface
  • Implant maintenance issues
  • Orthodontic implants

Advanced Implant Surgical Module

  • Surgical complications
  • Soft tissue management
  • Guided bone regeneration
  • Immediate implants
  • Autogeneous bone grafting
  • Maxillary sinus augmentation
  • Diagnosis and managing implant failure
  • Peri-implant disease, avoidance and management

Practical Implantology

  • Implant design features
  • Implant surgical kit and procedures
  • Implant impression taking and laboratory procedures
  • Implant abutment selection

5 Day Residential Hands on/practical Programme (sold separately)

  • Course Introduction
  • Radiographic planning exercises
  • CBCT planning exercises
  • Introduction to the Straumann system – surgical component practical
  • Implant flap design and suturing techniques practical
  • Surgical kits and implant placement techniques practical
  • Aestheitc aspects of implantology
  • Socket preservation and local grafting techniques/GBR techniques practical
  • Occlusal aspects of implant dentistry
    • Mounting models on the articulator practical
    • Face bow recording practical
    • Occlusal analysis practical
  • Live implant placements
  • Nurse Training day and surgery surgical set up (dentists & nurses)demonstration and practical
  • Implant prosthetic procedures practical
    • Overdentures, impressioning, abutments, crowns, bridges
  • Laboratory aspects of implantology (AM Ceramics)
  • Clinical photography practical
  • Preparing for your first cases and risk based implant planning
  • Marketing and promotion of implants in your practice
  • The Straumann mentoring and support system