Bioclear Core Anterior Hands-On Certification Course RESIDENTIAL

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Course Duration: 2 days

CPD Hours: 14

Dominic Hassall Training Institute

Claire Burgess

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Dates available:
1st and 2nd November 2024

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This course builds a strong foundation in the Bioclear Method and an understanding of the full range of anterior Bioclear restorations and products. Delegates practice all applications of the Bioclear Method during intensive, hands-on exercises that simulate anterior restorations, including: deep Class III restoration, Black Triangle closure, complex Black Triangles closure with Root Overlays, preparation and restoration of fractured teeth.

The course also focuses on direct Bioclear restorations as an alternative aesthetic procedure to indirect porcelain crowns and veneers.

Course Breakdown
  • Cavity design including the infinity edge margin
  • Anatomic David Clark matrix selection and adaption
  • Injection moulding composite technique
  • Rock Star 2 step polish
  • Anterior deep class III caries
  • Treatment of Black Triangles
  • Diastema closure and reshaping of undersized peg lateral teeth.
  • Treatment planning and execution of full composite veneers on compromised or previously restored
  • Maxillary anteriors – canine to canine.
  • Understand and practice principles of proper tooth preparation
  • Learn efficient composite injection moulding techniques to create dramatic yet realistic results with the new Bioclear Veneer Matrix.

The Bioclear Course had fantastic hands on sessions, which has changed how I have done every composite restoration since.

Student July 2019
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Complete Course Overview

Bioclear’s Core Anterior course builds a strong foundation in the Bioclear Method. Delegates will learn the Five Pillars of the Bioclear Method, which are essential for long-lasting, predictable Bioclear restorations. Delegates gain confidence in anterior restorations as they collaboratively practice all applications of the Bioclear method during intensive hands-on exercises using lifelike soft tissue models that simulate anterior restorations.

image of bioclear on front teeth

Learn to apply direct Bioclear restoration on front teeth.

This course also focuses on direct Bioclear restorations as an alternative procedure to porcelain crowns and veneers for the of the adult dentitions.

The course utilizes HeatSync heaters, 3M Filtek Supreme XTE composite materials with different types of Bioclear Matrices.

image of bioclear method before after

Learn to treat black triangles with Bioclear.