Advanced PG Cert in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry (Leading to PG Dip) ONLINE BLENDED

Prerequisite, PG Cert Contemporary Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Advanced PG Cert in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry - Online blended with 7 days online and 6 days hands-on
Leading to PG Dip in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry and MSc University of Kent.

Course Duration: 7 days online, 6 days hands-on

CPD Hours: 91

Venue: Online and Dominic Hassall Training Institute

Dominic Hassall

Course Booking

Online learning material starts immediately with hands on sessions:
26th, 27th and 28th March 2025 and 11th, 12th and 13th June 2025.

A deposit of £50 + VAT is required to reserve a place.

The remainder can be paid in 10 or 20 easy-to-manage monthly payments or paid in full for an extra 5% discount.
£8735 + VAT

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Obtain the confidence to take on more complex cases.

This unique course expands on the skills developed in the Certificate course and will give you the confidence to tackle more complex cases, and offers continued case mentoring.

There will be numerous practical occlusion and treatment planning exercises as well as discussion of clinical cases.

In addition, Advanced Bioclear Composite (L3 & L4) restorations are covered, with a large hands-on component. This completes your certification as a Bioclear Practitioner.

Eligible to apply for an MSc.

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You have a clear Career Pathway, which shows completion of this Advanced course, then on to the Diploma, which includes Submission of 6 Cases, 9 BAARID essential photographic views and Mentoring of the clinical case portfolio.

The award of the Diploma follows successful clinical case presentation, submission of the clinical case portfolio and satisfactory performance in the final MCQ examination.

*Please note an additional fee is payable for mentoring of the clinical case portfolio, submission of the portfolio and MCQ examination.

On successful completion of the Diploma, students are eligible to apply for an APECL route to an MSc with the University of Kent.

This course will increase your confidence and practical skills in handling more complex aesthetic and restorative cases including those where vertical dimension changes are required to rehabilitate.

Course costs include lunch, supporting materials but excludes study models and deprogrammer.

Peter Huntley (Specialist Orthodontist) will present on the aesthetic, functional and occlusal aspects of adult orthodontics.

Sean Power will present on what is achievable with short term orthodontics in terms of aesthetics, function and occlusion.

All of these presentations will be largely case based.

Dominic will also cover aesthetic, functional and occlusal aspects of the advanced case, risk based treatment planning, treatment stages and case presentation.

Online Section The video lectures are organised into modules to make online learning possible, each module gives you the relevant CPD hours.

Online learning material starts immediately. The online part of the course is the equivalent of 7 days for the purposes of CPD.

Hands On Section The hands-on practical 6 day section is split into 2, 3-day sessions at the Dominic Hassall Training Institute, for you to practice your skills and complete the Certificate course. The hands-on part of the course is over 6 days – 26th, 27th and 28th March 2025 and 11th, 12th and 13th June 2025.

Dominic is a master at teaching, he’s approachable and extremely knowledgable and will ground you in a comprehensive knowledge that paves the way for competently carrying out safe, risk averse advanced dentistry.

Dr Craig Dewdney
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Complete Course Overview

Appraisal of the Dental Literature, Clinical Techniques and Dental Materials Module

  • Critical appraisal of the dental literature
  • Evidence based dentistry

Contemporary Advanced Treatment Planning Module

  • Clinical case presentation and case conversation
  • Treatment planning the complex restorative, aesthetic and implant case
  • Predictable restorative, aesthetic and occlusal treatment

Complex Treatment Module

  • Aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of tooth surface loss
  • Clinical applications of the Dahl appliance and localised tooth surface loss
  • Generalised tooth surface loss from monolithic composite to overdentures
  • The shortened dental arch and restorative solutions
  • Laboratory aspects of aesthetic and implant cases
  • Advanced partial dentures
  • Predictable precision attachments
  • Advanced direct composite veneers, Bioclear Method L3
  • Direct overlay restoration, deep furcation and Class II restorations, Bioclear Method L4
  • Stent and Bioclear treatment of tooth wear

Orthodontic Interface Module

  • Aesthetic and functional orthodontic solutions
  • The orthodontic/restorative/implant interface

Advanced Clinical Occlusion and TMD Module

  • Functional anatomy of the masticatory system and assessment of MTJ, muscle health and occlusal disorders
  • Envelopes of function
  • Occlusal and TMD examination
  • Treatment of TMD (temporomandibular) and occlusal disorders
  • Treatment of the restricted envelope of function/anterior interference
  • The role of splints in the treatment of occlusal and TMD disorders
  • The role of occlusal and TMD disorders
  • Clinical relevance centric relation-The key to reorganising the occlusion and increasing the OVD
  • Recording centric relation with the Lucia Jig and bimanual manipulation, limitations and problems
  • Recording centric relation and increasing the OVD with a long term deprogrammer and a restorative splint
  • Use of the restorative splint in advanced tooth wear to control centric relation and OVD
  • The role of the custom incisal guidance table
  • Using the diagnostic wax up and chair side provisional restorations to control the OVD and centric relation
  • Bimanual manipulation and its limitations
  • Recording centric relation with leaf gauges and its limitations
  • Recording centric relation with long term deprogrammers and passive muscle contraction, advantages and stages

Advanced Bridgework Module

  • The complex crown, bridge, implant and aesthetic case with endodontic and occlusal issues
  • The hemisection bridge and crown
  • Using the natural tooth as a pontic in adhesive bridgework
  • The problem of the last standing tooth

Advanced Implantology

  • Restorative led implant planning
  • Implants in the aesthetic zone
  • Implant assisted dentures and attachments
  • Restorative procedures and materials in implant dentistry
  • Maintenance and complications in implant, restorative and aesthetic dentistry

In addition there are 8 practical occlusion videos:

  • TMD examination
  • Occlusal examination
  • Splints clinical features and fitting
  • Face bow recording and model mounting in the maximum intercuspal position
  • Articulator features and uses
  • Deprogrammers, bimanual manipulation and centric relation registration
  • Centric relation model mounting
  • Accurate Alginate Impressions

During the residential course there will be numerous practical/hands on exercises including:

  • Fabrication of a long term deprogrammer
  • Adjustment and fitting of long term deprogrammer
  • Simplified centric relation recording
  • Leaf gauge and bimanual manipulation exercise
  • Face bow recording and model mounting in centric relation
  • Fabrication of Michigan/Restorative splint
  • Adjustment and fitting of Michigan/Restorative splint
  • Advanced anterior and posterior Bioclear composite restorations
  • Opportunity to present a clinical case for discussion
  • Advanced treatment planning case

In addition during the residential course there will be laboratory presentations on:

  • Aesthetic restorations
  • Implant restorations
  • Laboratory communication
  • Shade tips
  • Preparation guides