Course FAQ

PG Cert Contemporary Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry
Q Do I have to present a clinical case?
No, there is no clinical case presentation for the certificate course. However, you are welcome to bring cases for advice.Q Is there an examination?
No, there is no examination associated with the certificate course.

Q What happens if I miss a day?
You will receive all course materials. You will still be expected to pay for that session. We will endeavour if possible to place you on the relevant day at the next session or send the session to you via an online lecture.

Q What time does the course start and finish?
Registration 8.45am, morning lecture starts at 9.00am and we will aim to finish at 5.00pm.

Q Is lunch provided?
Refreshments and lunch are provided. If you have specific dietary requirements please inform us and we will try to assist.

Q Why should I choose your courses

Dominic is one of the world’s leading specialists and private dentists. He has extensive and comprehensive GDC approved training and experience which he will pass onto you. He has also trained extensively in the USA & Europe.

This course has a strong hands on component and evidence base in all aspects of Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry. It will allow you to introduce predictable systematic techniques and protocols into your practice and will challenge outdated literature and concepts.

He is an innovator in postgraduate restorative and aesthetic training. He initiated the UK’s first Masters in restorative and cosmetic dentistry UCLAN and the Masters at Warwick before focusing on his own institute and BAARID. He is far more experienced and trained to an extremely high level than other less experienced course providers.

Q Who should attend One Year Restorative course?
All dentists as a truly comprehensive course in advanced/contemporary restorative & aesthetic dentistry.

PG Cert Contemporary Tooth Preparation Techniques and Operative Dentistry
Q Who should attend operative course?
Any practitioner who wants to improve direct and in-direct restoration techniques, increase income, more predictable operative dentistry.

Q How much practical in operative course
Has some theory but over ½ of the time devoted to tooth preparation/practical exercises.

PG Cert in Advanced Aesthetic Implantology
Q Who should attend implant course? What treatments will I be able to undertake once I’ve completed the course?
Intended for practitioners already involved in surgical or restorative implant dentistry, or those currently undertaking implant training. Intended to introduce techniques that will lead to better aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Frequently asked questions Advanced Course in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry leading to Diploma

Q Can I just attend the lectures
Yes you can and will obtain a certificate of attendance along with verifiable CPD

Q Do I have to present a clinical case?
Advanced course students are encouraged to bring a case to present on the final day of the course.

This does not have to be a case you have treated. The purpose of the case is to demonstrate diagnostic and treatment planning skills in aesthetic, restorative or implant dentistry. Students are encouraged to bring cases during the course for discussion.

Q What are the entry criteria to complete the Diploma?

  • Must have completed PG Cert in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry course within the last 3 year
  • Complete the Advanced course lectures/case presentation
  • Clinical case portfolio and reflective learning statement
  • Completed an Endodontic course within the last 3 years

Q Is there an examination?
MCQ examination

Yes but this is optional. You can undertake the course without sitting the examination.

Q If I don’t sit the examination will I still obtain a Diploma?
No but you gain a certificate of Level II completion

Q Is mentoring provided?
Mentoring is provided on study days during the course. After the course online mentoring is provided (at a small additional charge)

Q Do I have to submit clinical cases to be awarded the Diploma?
Yes a portfolio of 6 cases is required for the Diploma, but you can still undertake the course without submitting the cases and gain a certificate of completion.

Q Who awards the Diploma?

The Diploma is awarded by the educational organisation BAARID – BRITISH ACADEMY AESTHETIC RESTORATIVE AND IMPLANT DENTISTRY.

The BAARID awarding committee has experienced practitioners all at master’s level or above and covers the specialisms of Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Restorative, Periodontal, Endodontic and Periodontal Dentistry.

It is more educationally robust than any other private institutions and many universities.

Q Why no link with Warwick?

We can provide the certificate and level II course / Advanced Diploma at a much lower cost than Warwick.

We are also more clinically orientated and educationally robust than Warwick, and have a much higher quality teaching team.

Whilst many students think they will go onto an MSc they actually stop at Diploma level, which is more achievable and clinically relevant.

The masters component has no clinical relevance and will involve assignments/projects accounting to well over 20,000 words, so consequently very few students go onto the masters.

Feedback from students has been that it is Dominic who makes the course interesting and relevant, plus the Diploma through BAARID is better organised, cheaper and far more achievable.