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Submission of Cases
9 BAARID essential photographic views
Mentoring of the clinical case portfolio



£250 (optional)


Diploma Information

The first stage is the successful completion of the MCQ examination. This helps ensure that you have a satisfactory knowledge of the course modules prior to embarking on the clinical aspects of the course.

Before starting on the clinical portfolio, you will need to submit the 9 BAARID essential photographic views, an aesthetic evaluation sheet and an occlusal examination for the same patient.

This must be submitted before embarking on the clinical case portfolio.

This exercise is designed to ensure that your clinical photography is of an acceptable standard prior to embarking on the clinical case portfolio. In addition it also ensures that you are able to undertake a satisfactory occlusal and aesthetic examination which is two of the fundamental elements of a comprehensive examination.

This can be submitted either online or as a hard copy via the post.

When submitting the clinical case portfolio you must follow the guidelines closely to avoid the portfolio from been rejected.

Any re-submissions will incur a fee of £250.

The clinical case portfolio must be accompanied by the self-reflective learning statement or it will be rejected.

Please also refer to the guidance on the clinical case portfolio which provides further details on the case portfolio and the requirements.