Bioclear Courses

Anterior & Posterior Composite Courses (Bioclear Method)

The Bioclear method represents a significant development in the provision of both anterior and posterior composites. It introduces the use of the warmed “injection moulded” bulk fill composite placement technique in conjunction with the use of the unique anatomically shaped matrix system.

image of a bioclear course manipulation

Bioclear courses include large complex cases that require treatment planning and advanced techniques.

image of a bioclear course manipulation

Bioclear courses increase your skills in modern techniques for successful composite restorations.

(Levels 1-4, two 2-day courses) Revolutionise your composite skills.
Delivered by Claire Burgess, UK Bioclear method instructor.

This highly practical course is designed for all dentists who wish to revolutionise their skills in modern techniques for long term successful composite restorations.

The Bioclear method provides highly aesthetic, well adapted anatomically shaped monolithic anterior and posterior composites with excellent longevity.

The Dominic Hassall Training Institute is an International Bioclear Learning Centre; by attending a Certified Bioclear Course, delegates will gain the skills and the confidence to implement Bioclear in their own practice.

The courses are focused on either anterior composites (foundation and advanced anterior composites – Level 1+3), or posterior composites (foundation and advanced posterior composites – Level 2+4), and can be taken in either order.

Bioclear courses available

Bioclear Method Composite Anterior Course L1 & L3

Cutting-edge alternative to Composite Restorations Anterior Composite Course

RESIDENTIAL COURSE - 2 daysFind Out More

Bioclear Method Composite Posterior Course L2 & L4

Cutting-edge alternative to Composite Restorations Posterior Composite Course

RESIDENTIAL COURSE - 2 daysFind Out More

Course FAQ

Q Do I get known as a Bioclear practitioner?

Yes. Plus, Bioclear practitioners will have the opportunity to be included in the Bioclear international database.

Q Are the Bioclear dental courses online or residential?

The Bioclear education is only residential, because of the amount of hands on training required.

Q Why are the courses levels 1 & 3, and levels 2 & 4?

The bioclear method training is focussed on anterior composites for one course, then posterior composites for the other course. This method of learning has been shown in USA to be the most effective.

Q Do the Bioclear courses need to be completed in a particular order?

No, there is no order in which the dentistry training needs to be completed. Levels 1 & 3 are the anterior composite course and levels 2 & 4 are the posterior composite course. They are completely independent dental courses, so you can choose which order you like to take each level.