PG1 Online – May 2019 – Pay in Full

£3289 + VAT

This section is the online part of the PG Cert blended course.

13-day equivalent for the whole course, the online section will give you 63 hours of enhanced CPD, and the hands-on section 35 hours.

The online section can be taken independently of the full course, and you will receive a certificate for your CPD hours. However, you must complete both online and hands-on sections to be granted a Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert) and be able to move on to the Advanced course.

All fees include course materials, supporting literature and access to on line materials.

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This course has the equivalent of 8 days online and a 5-day hands-on section. Together the course gives you the same information as the residential course, organised and presented in a slightly different way.

The 5-day hands-on part of the course is held at the DHTI Learning Centre in Solihull, UK. You can see dates by clicking ‘Select course date‘.

This comprehensive modular course is designed for all dentists who undertake restorative or aesthetic dentistry and wish to improve their knowledge and practical skills.  The course has similar content to the traditional course, rearranged for easy online learning.

The demand for advanced restorative and aesthetic dentistry is rapidly expanding as are patient expectations. This is combined with ever increasing choices in terms of techniques and materials, which can be confusing for the practitioner.

The course is designed to introduce systems and techniques, which will allow you to create a more predictable, enjoyable and profitable restorative and aesthetic practice.

You must complete both courses for the PG Cert in Contemporary Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry.

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